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Swimming Pool Maintenance Service Glendale AZ

About Glendale, Arizona

Located around 14 kilometers (nine miles) northwest from Downtown Phoenix you will find the city of Glendale in Maricopa County, Arizona, U.S. The population of the city, according to the census in 2010, is 226,721.


Residing in the city, as of the 2000 census, there were 54,352 families, 75,700 households, and 218,812 people. The population density per square mile (1,517.3/km²) was 3,929.5. At a density of the overage of 1,430.7 per square mile (552.4/km²), there were 79,667 housing units. The city’s racial makeup was 75.54% White, Black or African American was 4.70%, Native American was 1.45%, Asian 2.74%, Pacific Islander 0.13%, from other races 11.97%, and from two or more races 3.47%. Hispanic or Latino of any race made up 24.84%.

Of the 75,700 households, 39.9% had children living with them who were under the age of 18, married couples who lived together were 53.5%, female householders with no husband present accounted for 12.8%, and non-families accounted for 28.2%. Of all households, 21.3% were made up of individuals, and 5.8% of households had a seniors of 65 years or older living alone. The average size of a family was 3.33 and the average size of a household was 2.85.


The Glendale Fire Department’s first motorized fire truck was this 1917 Nash Fire Truck. Manufactured by the Nash Motors Company, this truck is exhibited at 1130 W. Glendale Ave at the Glendale training center in Glendale, Arizona. In Glendale, there are various higher education campuses. In northwestern Phoenix, just across the border the Glendale Community College North and the Glendale Community College are both members of the community College District of Maricopa County, while the Thunderbird School of Global management from Arizona State University is in Glendale and in west Phoenix, just across the border from Glendale is their West campus. The graduate college of medicine; Midwestern University is also located in Glendale.


Main Article: William John Murphy

What is now known to be Glendale Arizona, was in the late 1800s all dessert. A native of Hartford, NY, William John Murphy who lived in the town of Flagstaff which was then known as being the Arizona territory, was the one in charge of the building of a 64 kilometer (40-mile) long Arizona Canal from the Arizona Canal Company which began at the Granite Reef and went on to the New River. He completed the canal in 1885, this is what brought water to that desert land. Being as he agreed to receive his payment in the form of stocks and bonds as well as land instead of cash, Murphy was deep in debt.

Founder of Glendale – William John Murphy

Murphy in 1887 firmed the Arizona Improvement Company. The objective being to sell the water and land rights south of the canal. In order to meet construction and payroll expenses, it was necessary for Murphy to raise capital from sources that were out of state. Murphy made the decision to call this land “Glendale”. Murphy decided that in order to interest potential settlers and investors and develop this new town, he has to provide a route of access from Phoenix to Glendale which ended in the town of Peoria which is much better, this was done by constructing a diagonal road that was 29 kilometers (18-miles long) which Murphy named Grand Avenue.

Why Swimming Pool Services Are Necessary

Owning a swimming pool offers a bounty of benefits that include being the perfect escape from the sun’s heat and a place to do some aerobic exercise. As such, it is important to ensure your pool gets the proper cleaning and maintenance services. The swimming pool services cover four elements that collectively ensure you have a clean and safe swimming environment. The four are: –


A clean pool looks attractive and welcoming; cleaning is an integral part of pool maintenance. A swimming pool faces different risk of contamination that includes the introduction of foreign objects. It is this issues that negate the need always to rinse the body, particularly the feet when jumping into a swimming pool.

Some of the foreign things that find their way in the pool include grass, leaves, twigs, human hair, pet hair, insects, and even urine. They can take away the joys of swimming, and some pose a health risk. Moreover, the debris can be trapped in the filters or skimmers of the water cleaning and filtration system cause damages that can be costly to repair.

General Pool Maintenance

Few people to know that general swimming pool maintenance is important, but often overlook its necessity. It is something that will help protect your investment. The general maintenance should be done by a professional pool cleaning and management specialist who will routinely check on the condition of the swimming pool and address all problems, big or small before they become a big issue.

The swimming pool cleaner will test the pH balance, check the condition of the skimmer basket and also motor and filtration system when doing the general pool maintenance inspection. The goal is to ensure that the water is clean and that all part that ensures a safe swimming pool are working as they should, and this ensures they function for a long time. The services help to avoid dealing with repairs that would have been avoided thus prevented the degradation of the swimming pool.

From the information above, it is evident of the necessity of swimming pool services. However, the pool owner should know which role to play in ensuring that they protect and preserve their investment. For instance, covering the pool when it is rarely in use will help to keep the water clean of debris. People should only use clean swimming wear is washed with mild detergents and rinsed thoroughly, and this also applies after swimming. The swimming pool service specialist will also offer tips and advice on how to maintain the pool.