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Mesa, AZ

In Maricopa County lies a city called Mesa. Mesa is located in the United States in Arizona. It’s a suburb that is located approximately 20 miles east of Phoenix Arizona. It’s the central city in the Eastern Valley region of the Phoenix Metro Area. Bordered by Tempe on the west side and the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community on the north side, Chandler and Gilbert lie to the south. To the East lies Apache Junction. As the third largest city in Arizona after only Phoenix and Tucson, it’s the 38th largest city in the United States. Home to 439,041 people at the 2010 census it is home to Polytech campus for Arizona State University.


East and West Mesa

Thanks to Mesa’s long east to west distance, over 18 miles, and the large sized land area of 133.13 square miles, it’s often referred to as either East or West Mesa when people discuss which area of the city they reside in.

Commonly Accepted Boundaries

Center Street

Mesa utilizes a grid system for the boundaries of the streets. The numbering is different than the numbering of Phoenix streets and the overall metro area. Center street runs from north to the south. It is bisected into the Eastern and the Western halves and the east and west serve as the numbering point of origin for the city. All of the streets that lie West of Center Street such as West University Drive or West Main Street, are considered a part of West Mesa. Streets that lie East of Center Street are such streets as East University and East Main are all considered to be a part of East Mesa.


In 2010, Mesa boasted 439,041 people. With 146,643 households and 99,863 families in the city, the population density is at 3,171.3 people per square mile.

The racial composition of the city is 81.6 percent white, 2.4 percent black or African-American and 2.2 percent Native American. This is rounded out by 2 percent Asian and.10 percent Pacific Islander and 9.3 from other unknown races including Hispanic and Latino.

Of this population, 156,643 percent of the households had 33.4 percent children that were under the age of 18 and living at home. 52.7 percent are married couples who live together and 10.6 percent have a female householder and no male present. 31/9 percent aren’t families and 24.2 percent are made up of various family individuals and 9 percent are a person age 65 or older who lives alone. The average size of the average family for Mesa Arizona is 2.68 and the average family size for Mesa Arizona is 3.20 people.

The Importance of Swimming Pool Services

The benefits of owning a pool are endless, from an escape from the heat to a place where you can have effective aerobic exercises. A pool does a lot for you, which is one reason why having your pool serviced is important. There are four aspects of pool services that need to be highlighted that include cleaning, re-filling, checking chlorine levels, and pool maintenance.


Cleanliness is an important aspect of pool maintenance. There are a lot of ways that foreign objects can be introduced to a pool. For example, a person who does not rinse his or her feet before swimming will likely introduce debris to a pool.

Organic matter such as pet hair, human hair, plant life, insects, and even urine can be introduced into a pool. Some of these can take away from the enjoyment of swimming but may also pose a health issue. Furthermore, some of this matter could become trapped in the skimmer or obstruct filters. These are just some of the reasons cleaning is vital.


Pool water should be drained every five to seven years, but it is best to talk to a pool specialist to know for sure because it can also depend on the pool’s condition. Some question the need to drain and refill the pool’s water because there is a filtration system. This is true, but the water is subject to harsh water and organic remains. After five to seven years, treatment will not help much. The left behind matter and substances cannot be removed.

It should be noted that old water can damage the surface of the pool. The combination of old water, contaminants, and environmental conditions could lead to hard water. This can leave mineral deposits, which will gradually degrade the pool’s surface. It is wiser to drain and refill the water when it is time.

Checking Chlorine Levels

The balance of chemicals is of the utmost importance because it is the key to pool cleanliness. A pool is expected to have 1-3 parts per million chlorine at any given time and not any more or less. The balance ensures that the pH balance stays somewhere between 7.4 and 7.6.

The reason this ratio is important is because it helps the pool stay clean and free of bacteria growth or algae growth. The balance also ensures that the water does not damage the pool surface or irritate the skin when it is in use. Having a professional check to make sure everything is where it needs to be should not be overlooked.

General Pool Maintenance

General pool maintenance is usually not a priority for most people, but it should be, especially for those who want to protect their investment. General pool maintenance means that a professional and experienced pool specialist will be checking on the condition of the pool. Any and all issues, big or small, will be caught before they cause serious issues, which usually means more expenses.

Yes, the pool specialist will likely clean the pool, check the pH balance, and look at the skimmer basket to see if that needs cleaning. The pool’s motor and filtration system will be evaluated during this general pool maintenance visit, just to name a few more compartments. Making sure that everything is as it should be ensures the longevity of the pool. No homeowner should have to deal with repairs or a degraded pool that might need to be replaced if this could have been avoided.

The importance of swimming pool services is evident, but it should also be noted that the pool owner can do more to maintain his or her pool. For one, covering the pool during the off-seasons is important. It is also vital that swimming clothes are washed and thoroughly rinsed before they are used to swim. Detergent is too harsh for the swimming pool, so it needs to be removed from swimming wear. The pool specialist who shows up to the residence should be able to provide more swimming pool maintenance if needed.