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Tempe Arizona Guide

The city of Tempe, which during Arizona’s territorial times was called Hayden’s Ferry, is located in Maricopa County, Arizona. According to the Census Bureau the 2010 population was 161,719. Tempe is named after Greece’s Vale of Tempe. It is located in metropolitan Phoenix’s East Valley area; it is bordered on the west by Guadalupe and Phoenix; in the north by Scottsdale, in the south by Chandler and in the east by Mesa. Arizona State University is also in Tempe.\History

The Hohokam people lived in the area and constructed canals in support of their agriculture. Throughout the 15th century they abandoned most of their settlements, with just a couple of families and individuals staying close by.

Fort McDowell was built in 1865 on the upper part of the Salt River around 25 miles (40 k) northeast of current downtown Tempe, which allowed for the construction of new towns further down on the Salt River. Hispanic workers and US military service members were hied to grow animal feed and food to supply the fort. Then less than one year later, small camps were set up close to the rivers that became the Valley’s first permanent communities after the Hohokam fell. (Soon after, by 1867-68 Phoenix was settled). These two settlements were called Hayden’s Ferry, after the ferry service that Charles T. Hayden operated, and San Pablo. Hayden’s Ferry was located west of Hayden Butte and San Pablo was located to the east of it. The ferry became the area’s major river crossing. Soon James McKinney and William Kirkland established the Tempe Irrigating Canal Company to provide water for cotton, oats, barley, wheat and alfalfa.In 1911 the Roosevelt Dam was completed and guaranteed there would be enough water for meet the Valley farmers’ growing needs. Former President Theodore Roosevelt, while en route to dedicate the damn, applauded the people’s accomplishments in central Arizona and made the prediction that in the future that their towns would turn into prosperous cities. Less than one year later, Arizona became the 48th state of the unions, and the Salt River Valley continued to be developed.

Basic Swimming Pool Maintenance

Many pool owners do not consider maintenance a top priority but anyone who wants to protect the investment they made should seriously consider it. A professional is better equipped to check the pool and make sure that it remains in good condition. The benefit of these services is that any issues big or small will be caught early and before they can cause any serious damage or require expensive repairs.

Some of the services a specialist will perform are checking the balance of pH, cleaning the pool and making sure that the skimmer basket is free of debris. The pool’s filtration system and its motor will be checked to make sure that it is running properly and the specialist will check other aspects of the pool to make sure that it’s in good shape and this increases the longevity and overall condition of the pool. Very often pool owners can avoid repairs or having a pool that is damaged by having it regularly serviced by professional.

In addition to having the pool professionally serviced, there are other things the owner can do to protect their investment. During off seasons when the pool is not being used, it’s important to use a cover. Clothing that is used while swimming should be kept washed and clean before wearing them into the pool. Detergent used for washing swimwear can be harsh for the pool water and for this reason, detergent should be thoroughly rinsed out of the swimwear before wearing it into the pool.

Keeping It Clean

Because there are so many ways for environmental and other objects to get into the pool, cleaning on a regular basis is a very important part of maintaining the swimming pool. Anytime swimmers are about to get into the pool they should ideally wipe or rinse off their feet but if they don’t this can introduce debris into the water. Leaves, human and pet hair, insects and urine from pets and humans are all among the things that can find their way into the water.

Some of these pollutants can be unhealthy for both pets and people and other pollutants simply make the pool less enjoyable to use. Some of the debris can clog up the skimmer and can make obstructions for the filters. For these and the other reasons mentioned, it really is vitally important for those with pools to have them professionally serviced.