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Swimming Pool Maintenance Service Irvine CA

Facts About Irvine, Ca

Irvine California is located in Orange County and it is a very affluent city. This city first began its development in the 1960s and was later Incorporated in 1971. It has a population of over 258,000 people and encompasses 66 square miles.

Technology and Semiconductor sector corporations have flocked to the city and many of them have their National or International headquarters based in there. This city is also a Mecca for high-quality universities such as Orange County Center of the University of California, CSUF, Pepperdine University, Concordia University, the University of La Verne, and USC Irvine.

The Geography Of Irvine

Lake Forest is to the east while Tustin is to the north and Santa Ana is on the northwest side with Newport Beach on the Southwest side. The San Diego Creek is the main water source the drains into the city. Irvine is largely a flat Valley that sits between San Joaquin Hills that is toward the South and Loma Ridge which is located in the North. You can, however, find some hills and canyons in the extreme Southern and Northern parts.

In 1821 Mexico gained its independence from Spain and once that was achieved they almost immediately assumed control of these lands. Mexican citizens would apply for grants that entitled them to parts of the land. Three of these grants served to become the area now known as Irvine City.

The owner of Rancho San Joaquin sold all 50,000 Acres to Thomas and Benjamin Flint and James Irvine for $18,000 to pay off debts they had accumulated during the Great Drought. Clinton and Bigsby later acquired another 47,000 Acres for a mere $7,000. After the Mexican-American War additional land was entangled in Title claims and Irvine, Bixby and Flint were among those who claimed that additional land. In the beginning sheep grazing was the only thing those ranches did but later tenant farming was allowed.

The city is now among the most affluent in the state of California. It is considered a desirable place to live and experiences much less crime than other cities in the state such as L.A. or San Fransisco. Because it is a mecca for companies in the Tech and Semiconductor sectors the jobs in the area pay more than in other cities.

Why You Need A Swimming Pool Service

The reasons and benefits people get from owning their own pool are as varied as the styles and shapes of the pools they have. The pool may be used for family fun and an opportunity to escape the scorching heat or it may be for water aerobics to keep in shape. Because the pool can do so much for you, it is necessary to have it properly serviced. The main services you should be focused on are refilling, checking chlorine levels, and cleaning.

Refilling The Pool

The water in your pool should be completely replaced at a minimum of every 5 to 7 years. But some pools, depending on their condition, may need to have the water replaced more often and for this reason, pool owners should speak with a specialist to make sure. Some pool owners feel that since the water is filtered, that replacing it is unnecessary but this is a mistake because even with filtering there is some organic material that remains and some water that is harsh. Once the water is several years old the water treatment will no longer be able to remove the remaining substances.

Old water that is not replaced will build with contaminants and other conditions that could cause the water to become hard. This hard water can damage the surface of the pool. Mineral deposits and other aspects of the hard water will degrade the pool little by little and for this reason, the water will need to be replaced every several years.

Cleaning The Pool

Many foreign objects find their way into the pool and for this reason, having it cleaned on a regular basis is imperative. When family members or guests get into the pool without first wiping or washing the bottom of their feet, this can bring debris into the pool water. Human and pet hair, insects, leaves, human and animal urine are all environmental pollutants that can find their way into the pool’s water. These pollutants can not only mean that the pool is less enjoyable but can also be unhealthy. Some of these items can be an obstruction to the filters and for this and the other reasons mentioned, makes cleaning and top priority.

Maintaining Chlorine Levels

One of the main key ways of keeping the pool clean is by properly balancing the chemicals. The usual rule is 1 to 3 parts per million of chlorine which helps ensure that the pH balance is around 7.5. This ratio will help keep the pool free of bacteria and algae growth. It also helps to keep the water such that it won’t damage the surface of the pool. It is also helpful for reducing skin irritation and because of the importance of this, many pool owners find that it is useful to have a professional check just to make sure that everything is correct and nothing gets overlooked.