Long Beach Swimming Pool Maintenance Service

About Long Beach, CA

Long Beach happens to be the 36th most populous U.S. city and it is the 7th most populous in the state of California. You will find in on the Pacific Coast of the US and it is within the Southern California region in the Greater Los Angeles area.

The population of Long Beach was at 462,257 as of 2010 and it is the second largest city in the metropolitan area of Los Angeles, as well as the third largest in Southern California just behind San Diego and Los Angeles. The Long Beach Port is known for being the second busiest container port across the United States and it is part of the largest shipping port unit in the world. The city also has been able to maintain the oil industry that has been progressively declining by way of minor wells that are located right under the city as well as offshore. The manufacturing sectors include that in automotive parts, aircraft, audiovisual equipment, precision meals, home furnishings, electronic equipment and petrochemicals.


Over the years, the economic base has changed up a bit and oil extraction had created a bit of a boom. This used to be a Navy town for quite some time prior to the base closing. Playing a major role was the aerospace industry where Douglas Aircraft Company, which turned into McDonnel Douglas and is now part of Boeing, used to have plants located at the Long Beach Airport. Here is where they were building World War II aircraft and then later when on to build the CD-8s, 9s, 10s, and the MD-11s. Boeing kept building the Boeing 717 until around 2006 and then the C-17 Globemaster III, a strategic airlifter plant, is now scheduled for closing. Even though they have gone to reduce the number of local employees by a great deal in recent years, Boeing remains the largest private employer in the entire city. An international cargo airline known as Polar Air Cargo, was base out of Long Beach in the past. TABC, Inc. which is part of Toyota, crafts a number of car parts, to include catalytic converters and steering columns, out of Long Beach.


People have been living across the coastal Southern California region for well over 10,000 years. Several successive cultures have lived in the present-day area of Long Beach as well. Once the Spanish explorers arrived in the 16th century, the dominant group was the Tongva people. There were three significant settlements in the present-day city, with Tevaaxa’anga being an inland settlement that was nestled by the Los Angeles River. Both Povuu’nga and Ahwaanga were known for being coastal villages. With the other Tongva villages, they had been forced to relocated during the mid-19th century because of political changes, missionization and a a major drop in population after exposure to a range of European diseases.

Why Swimming Pool Services Are So Important

Pool owners find endless ways to enjoy their swimming pool. Some use it as a place for the family to gather and others just want to escape the summer heat. Some pool owners use it as a way to exercise with water aerobics. Because the pool can benefit its owner in many ways it’s important to have it professionally serviced to keep it at its best. When it comes to pool maintenance there are four basic areas that an owner will want to focus on. These are checking chlorine levels, basic pool maintenance, refilling pool water, and cleaning.

Cleaning Pool Water

One of the key aspects of pool maintenance is keeping the water properly cleaned. There are a number of ways that debris and other environmental contaminants can make their way into the pool water. Anyone who gets into the pool without wiping or rinsing the bottom of their feet can bring debris in that way.

Animal and human urine, insects, leaves and other plant material, and even human and animal hair are all examples of environmental pollutants that find their way into the pool water. Many of these contaminants can reduce the enjoyment of the pool as well as introduce pollutants that are unhealthy for humans and pets. As well as these factors, debris can be an obstruction to the filters and these reasons are why professional cleaning is recommended.

Whenever someone doesn’t have all the tools they need, it can make cleaning difficult and time-consuming. As well, those who don’t have the tools will be unlikely to clean the pool effectively. Anyone who has ever tried to clean the pool without the tools knows how time-consuming and frustrating it can be.

Brush Tool

There are times when environmental debris gets stuck on the bottom of the pool and the brush tool will help to remove that debris. The brush is used by standing on the edge of the pool and using the telescopic pole to reach the bottom, allowing its user to scrub the bottom of the pool without falling in or getting into the water. This is very effective for this aspect of pool cleaning.

Pool Vacuum

To remove certain types of debris it’s necessary to use a pool vacuum. Very few homeowners will have this type equipment and for this reason, when the cleaning requires this, then professionals are usually called in. There are times when there’s a large build-up of debris that’s found its way to the bottom of the pool and other tools aren’t effective at removing these and for that reason, a vacuum is required. Leaving the debris can be dangerous because swimmers can slip on the bottom of the pool. This can cause accidents for the swimmers and over time can cause damage to the bottom of the pool