Palm Desert Swimming Pool Maintenance Service

Palm Desert Swimming Pool Maintenance Service

Palm Desert Guide

The city of Palm Desert is located in Riverside County, California in the Coachella Valley and around 122 miles (196 km) east of the city of Los Angeles and 14 miles (23 km) east of the city of Palm Springs. The 2010 U.S. census reported the population at 48,445, which was an increase from the 41,155 population from the 2000 U.S. census. During the 1980s and 1990s, Palm Desert was one of California’s fastest growing cities. It started in 1980 with 11,801 resident, doubled by 1990 to 23,650 and in 1995 was at 35,000, or almost double its 1990 population by the year 2000.

The city’s wide selection of shopping options, plentiful parks, clean and safe streets, various job opportunities, robust real estate market and first-class educational facilities make it a unique choice among the cities of Coachella Valley.


This area was originally called Old McDonald Ranch. However, during the 1920s the name was changed to Palm Village after the date palms that grew there. According to local historians during the pre-1950s Palm Desert area the amin residents were Cahuilla Indian farmers from the San Cayetano tribe, which is now extinct. A few members from the Montoya family of Spanish and Cahuilla descent were prominent leaders in the area.

In 1943 the first residential development was undertaken in connection with the area’s Army maintenance camp. Later on this site was developed into the “El Paseo”, which was an upscale shopping district similar to Rodeo Drive. The Palm Desert Corporation started developing real estate in 1948, and the area was given its current name in 1951.


The Palm Desert Scene is based in Palm Desert. It is a unique musical genre that since the early 1990s has been very influential internationally. Many different Palm Desert bands have been credited with started the metal/rock subgenre called stoner rock. These bands include Eagles Of Death Metal, Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age, and has become some of the world’s most renowned rock bands.

More than half of the growing population of Palm Desert is over the age of 50. During the 2000s, there was a doubling of individuals over age 55, which reversed the earlier trend of having a younger population that include all ages. However, Palm Desert once gain has an older majority.

From a sociopolitical perspective, historically Palm Desert has leaned conservative towards the Republican party. However, lately many of its residents have been registered Democrats.

Homeowners are a mix of second/winter homes and year-round residents. The part-time residents mainly come from urban areas across California and the Pacific Northwest. An international population is attracted to the second home market, and since the 1970s Canadians in particular. Increasing numbers of east Asians, Australians and Europeans are purchasing real estate. Palm Desert’s worldwide appeal for tourist as a place to be has turned it into a home for thousands of retired individuals from all over the world.

Why Swimming Pool Services Are So Important

There are endless benefits to owning a pool, ranging from having an effective way to do aerobic exercises to being able to escape from the summer heat. A pool can do so much for you, which is one of the reasons why it is so important to have your pool serviced. There are four major components of pool services to be aware of. They are pool maintenance, checking the pool’s chlorine level, re-filling and cleaning.

General Pool Maintenance

Most people don’t make general pool maintenance a top priority. However, it really should be, especially since a pool is a major investment and you will want to protect it. General pool maintenance involves an experienced pool professional checking the pool’s condition. The specialist will be looking for both large and small issues that can be detected before they turn into a serious and expensive issue.

The pool professional can clean your pool, check to see if the skimmer basket need to be cleaned and check on the water’s pH balance. During the general pool maintenance process, the specialist will also evaluate the filtration system of the pool and its motor. Keeping your pool maintained on a regular basis will help to extend its life. Having to replace a pool prematurely or pay for expensive repairs can be avoided if proper maintenance is done regularly.


When it comes to pool maintenance, the most critical aspect is cleanliness. There are many different ways for foreign objects to get into a pool. For instance, debris can be introduced into a pool by an individual who doesn’t rinse off their feet before getting in the pool.

If you are able to afford it, the best option is to sign up for a comprehensive pool maintenance and cleaning plan. There are two reasons for this. First of all, you can save a huge amount of time. If you pay someone for a chemical only service for your pool, you will still needs to clean your pool and get leaves and other debris out of it. Why should you spend your valuable time on this when you can have a pool service take care of this for you? You can also help to improve the economy, through giving something back to your local economy that will help with creating jobs. If you are going to hire someone, you may as well let them do everything that your pool needs.

Another important thing to consider is what condition your equipment and pool are in. If you have an older pool, the sides might be cracking or the tiles fading. Does the specialists who are considering hire have plans for renewing your swimming pool, or extending your equipment’s life? If not, you may want to locate another company.